The National Park Region

Engadin Scuol Zernez

Schneeschuhwandern in Tarasp, Engadin
The Engadine opens up to the curious. The immediate proximity to living culture, to the everyday interaction between people and nature, captivates us. And it awakens an honest interest in agricultural, cultural and ecological contexts.
We bathe in the mineral water whose spring we visit, whose taste we taste at the fountain. We are surrounded by houses whose inhabitants we want to get to know, see sgraffito whose meaning we want to understand. The Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region is profound and wants to be discovered as such. Authenticity does not have to be staged frantically – it just has to be accessible – our curiosity does the rest.

The winter season is open

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Die Klimatruppe Engadin.

Wir machen Ihre Ferien noch nachhaltiger. Die Klimatruppe Engadin

Die Gruppe von engagierten Freiwilligen kümmert sich persönlich darum, dass Ihr Aufenthalt einen noch nachhaltigeren Eindruck hinterlässt. 

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Our winter offers

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Via Engiadina Winter
4 nights from CHF 449.00 per person
Via Engiadina - Winter Hiking in the Engadine

Hike in four stages on the prepared winter hiking trail of the Via Engiadina from Zernez to Sent through the snow-covered mountains of the Lower Engadin.

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Traumpiste Sent
Bereits ab CHF 99.- pro Person
Engadin Scuol Ski Pass included

Over 20 hotels with ski pass included from the 1st night, also over New Year's Eve!

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3 nights from CHF 325.00 per person
Via Silenzi - snowshoe tour from S-charl to Ofenpass

Conquer the lonely and untouched winter landscape of the Engadine and Val Müstairs with snowshoes.

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