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The most beautiful viewpoints in the Lower Engadin

Wildtierbeobachtung auf dem Mot Tavrü – Engadin Scuol Zernez – Dominik Täuber
Enchanted mountain lakes, imposing mountains and picturesque villages – the Lower Engadin offers a wide range of views for photographers and connoisseurs. Here you will find the five most beautiful vantage points in the Lower Engadin.
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#engadinbidiar. Wir bringen das Engadin zu dir nach Hause. Bild: Dominik Täuber.

Lai Nair

The small mountain lake Lai Nair is a 30-minute walk from Tarasp. It is famous for the reflections on its dark water. Especially the sunrises and sunsets are very rewarding here.

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Crap Putèr - Panoramablick Unterengadin.

Crap Putèr

Crap Putèr – one of the most beautiful views of the valley around Scuol. From Ardez or Tarasp, the trail first runs through the forest and then beyond the forest boundary to the Crap Putèr peak.

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Essen auf Margunet


The most scenic nature trail in the Swiss National Park. Accompanied by chamois, golden eagles and co., the hike runs from the Ofen Pass through the forest to the unique vantage point.

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Fliegenfischen am Bergsee Lai Raduond bei Ardez

Lai Raduond

A film star from a lake – sp the Lai Raduond was used for the opening scene of the released film Schellen-Ursli. The view of the Engadine Dolomites from the plateau is simply unique.

To the Lai Raduond
Am dritten und vierten Tag führt die Via Engiadina durchs Wandergebiet Motta Naluns.
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