The National Park Region

Engadin Scuol Zernez

Piz Clünas
The Engadine opens up to the curious. The immediate proximity to living culture, to the everyday interaction between people and nature, captivates us. And it awakens an honest interest in agricultural, cultural and ecological contexts.
We bathe in the mineral water whose spring we visit, whose taste we taste at the fountain. We are surrounded by houses whose inhabitants we want to get to know, see sgraffito whose meaning we want to understand. The Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region is profound and wants to be discovered as such. Authenticity does not have to be staged frantically – it just has to be accessible – our curiosity does the rest.
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Current situation. Information on the coronavirus

Please consult the following page for up-to-date information on the local tourist situation.

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Herbst im Unterengadin am Lai Nair oberhalb von Tarasp.

Mitmachen und gewinnen. Fotowettbewerb Herbst

Nehmen Sie an unserem Fotowettbewerb teil und gewinnen Sie mit etwas Glück ein köstliches Geschenk mit regionalen Produkten aus unserer Region.

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S-charl im Herbst. Bild: Dominik Täuber.
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The «Indian Summer» of Switzerland

Autumn in the Engadin

Deep blue skies, golden larches and white mountain peaks – it's autumn again in the Engadin. Enjoy the mild temperatures and the picturesque, autumnal landscape with our tips.

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Discover now.

Our summer offers

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Wanderin im Engadin auf der Via Engiadina.
from CHF 453.00 Offer
Via Engiadina: Hiking without luggage

The multi-day hike «Via Engiadina» in the Lower Engadine leads you in six varied daily stages from Zernez to Vinadi. Including organised luggage transport.

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PostAuto Nationalpark
from CHF 89.00 Offer
Engadin Scuol Mobil Sommer

With the Engadin Scuol Mobil offer you can comfortably explore our holiday region by public transport. As a guest of a partner business, you receive free travel on the PostBus, Rhaetian Railway and mountain railways in the National Park region.

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Nach Aufstieg ins Val Mora
from CHF 338.00 Offer
E-mountain bike tour «National Park Region»

The region around the Swiss National Park is an E-MTB paradise. The terrain is neither too steep nor too flat – perfect for riding the local passes, valleys and single trails on an e-mountain bike.

Heidi Laurent - Domenig und Lidia Domenig-Etter.
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Engadine crafts for everyone.

Heidi Laurent - Domenig and Lidia Domenig-Etter

In the unique shop «Butia Schlerin» in Sent, you can immerse yourself in a variety of handmade products made of ceramics and fabric.

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Current impressions. #engadinized