Partnerschaft zwischen der TESSVM und der RhB im Engadin
Cooperation with a broad-based network of actors from the environment, culture, agriculture, politics and tourism is of great importance to the TESSVM. Thanks to the constant exchange, tourism that is close to nature and culture can be realised.

Research Groupe Tourism and Sustainable Development

The TESSVM has been working with the Research Groupe Tourism and Sustainable Development since 2011. The Grisons branch of the Institute of Natural Resources Science of the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences was opened in March 2007 in Wergenstein at the Center da Capricorns. The research group combines research and services and offers a wide range of answers to significant questions on rural development. Thanks to this cooperation, experiences and knowledge are regularly exchanged and the destination can be used as a pilot region by the research group. The efforts towards sustainability are thus scientifically anchored.

Forschungsgruppe der zhaw

Fundaziun Pro Terra Engiadina

The TESSVM is a founding member of the Foundation Pro Terra Engiadina (PTE). The PTE provides a platform for cooperation between all relevant regional institutions active in the fields of nature and landscape. It promotes the development of ecological values in the Lower Engadin and the Samnaun Valley in harmony with social and economic demands. Regional projects are to be coordinated and supported across sectors through cooperation between tourism, forestry and agriculture, nature conservation and landscape protection. The goals of the PTE include promoting regional agricultural products with the involvement of guests in landscape conservation, giving the region acceptance as a near-natural holiday and recreation area, and cooperating in the Rhaetian Triangle and with other Alpine action areas.

God Tamangur – Arvenwald – Engadin Scuol Zernez – Dominik Täuber

Foundation myclimate

myclimate emerged from a joint project of students and professors at ETH Zurich in 2002 and has developed into a professionally managed and internationally oriented carbon offset foundation that is committed to effective climate protection locally and globally. Through consultancy, education and carbon offset projects, myclimate aims to shape the future of the world together with partners from the business sector as well as with organisations and private individuals. myclimate supports projects that use renewable energies, implement energy efficiency measures and reduce methane emissions. The cooperation with myclimate has existed since 2012. In 2018, the TESSVM started as a pilot destination with the nationwide programme «Cause We Care».

Klimahörpfad: myclimate Audio Adventure
Cause We Care – Bist auch du dabei? – Stiftung myclimate

myclimate «Cause We Care»

Three parks

The parks bring the complex processes of nature closer to the guests with guided tours, exhibitions, educational offers and theme trails. They are central partners for positioning in the field of nature and culture-based tourism, and the TESSVM in turn is a multiplier for the parks in communicating their offers.

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Parkwächter sind auch Ansprechpartner für Parkbesucher.

Swiss National Park

Switzerland's only national park is a central highlight for guests. In the park itself, but also in the National Park Centre in Zernez, they experience and learn a lot about the flora and fauna.

Learn more about the Swiss National Park
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Naturpark Biosfera im Val Müstair

Biosfera Val Müstair

The Biosfera Val Müstair is a regional nature park of national importance. It is committed to the conservation and development of the natural and cultural landscape.

More about the Biosfera Val Müstair
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Val Plavna im UNESCO-Biosphärenreservat Engiadina Val Müstair – Travelita

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Engiadina Val Müstair

Together with the Val Müstair and the municipality of Scuol, the Swiss National Park forms the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. As model regions, they aim to show that sustainable management is worthwhile.

More about the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Engiadina Val Müstair

Municipalities and region

The TESSVM works closely with the five municipalities in the destination, which together form the political region of Engiadina Bassa/Val Müstair. A sustainable holiday region thrives on the commitment of as many partners as possible in a destination to sustainability. In particular, the actions of the municipalities and the region are of central importance, as these political partners implement effective measures in a wide range of fields of action. DMO, region and municipalities work together for a sustainable holiday, working and living space.

Tschlin eingebettet in der Unterengadiner Bergwelt und Naturlandschaft von Engadin Scuol Zernez

Association Barrier-Free Switzerland

TESSVM is a founding member of the association, which aims to make up-to-date travel information for people with disabilities in Swiss tourism visible in a structured way and accessible on a broad basis.

Mit dem Rollstuhl unterwegs auf der Via a l'En

Fundaziun Nairs

In close cooperation with the Foundation, the TESSVM aims to strengthen culture-related and culture-oriented tourism and thus the social dimension of sustainability in the region.

Nairs in Tarasp, Unterengadin

Association Agrotourism Grisons

The association Agrotourism Grisons offers support to providers of agrotourism offers in the implementation of their ideas and their marketing. The TESSVM is a collective member of the association.

Ferien auf dem Bauernhof im Engadin, Schweiz.

Other environmental and nature conservation organisations

Together with environmental and nature conservation organisations, targeted tourism initiatives are launched that promote ecological sustainability and put it in the foreground.

Important partners are also:

  • WWF
  • Foundation Landscape Protection Switzerland
  • Pro Natura

Examples of cooperation are:

  • WWF Bear Theme Trail S-charl
  • Val Sinestra – Landscape of the Year 2011 of the Foundation Landscape Protection Switzerland
  • Meadow championship in the Lower Engadin, Samnaun and Val Müstair carried out with Pro Natura
WWF Bärenthemenweg in S-charl – Senda da l'uors – Engadin Scuol Zernez – Andrea Badrutt