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Barrier-free fondue and August 1st gondola

The Fondue and 1st August Gondola can be experienced barrier-free. Nothing stands in the way of adventure. 

Fondue & August 1st Gondola

In the beautiful evening atmosphere, you and your loved ones can enjoy a cheese fondue of a special kind. The ride of the gondola is slowed down and you have enough time to enjoy the panorama and the cheese in a unique atmosphere.

At the valley station in Scuol there are two signalized wheelchair parking spaces. From here it is step-free up to the gondola.

First you drive without thresholds to the mountain restaurant La Motta. Here you will be served an apréo and you can order all drinks. Now is the last time to use the Euro-Key toilet.
A table is fixed in the gondola. To get in, the gondola is stopped and you have to transfer to the bench. Your wheelchair is now waiting in the warm for your return.

+41 81 861 14 41 or info@bergbahnen-scuol.ch

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The gondolas are accessible without barriers

A 90° transpher into the gondola must be made! The wheelchair remains behind. There is a Euro-Key toilet.