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Cinema: Radical

A new teacher teaches in the elementary school of a Mexican problem neighborhood. Using innovative didactic methods, he tries to convey his enthusiasm for learning to his students. Not to everyone's delight.


22.07.2024 from 21:35 to 23:59 o'clock
The box office is open from 8.00 p.m.:
Adults: CHF 15.–, children up to 16 years CHF 10.–.
No pre-sale
Zernez, 7530, Schlosshof Planta-Wildenberg

The sixth-graders of the Jose Urbina Lopez Elementary School in Matamoros are amazed when the first lesson of their new teacher Sergio Juarez begins. They are considered the lowest-performing students in Mexico and their world is marked by violence, neglect and corruption. There is an atmosphere of toughness and discipline in the classroom. But Sergio chooses a different way to help the students out of the impasse of lack of prospects: he addresses the class with freedom and empathy to unleash their curiosity, their potential and perhaps even their genius.
Seats are not numbered. If you have specific seating requirements, we recommend that you arrive early so that you can reserve your place. The film screenings take place in all weathers in the true sense of an open-air cinema on open grounds. In case of rain, we give out rain ponchos. These keep you warm and guaranteed to stay dry. Normally, the nights in mountainous areas are rather cool, even in summer. Therefore, we recommend that you put on warm clothes and possibly bring a woolen blanket with you. Film bistro from 8.00 p.m. in the castle park with meat skewers from the grill, "Schoppa ruduonda", fresh popcorn and other fine products from Graubünden.
The programme leporello is available at the Zernez National Park Centre or at www.nationalpark.ch.


Zernez, 7530, Schlosshof Planta-Wildenberg

Schlosshof Planta-Wildenberg, 7530 Zernez

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