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NATURAMA lecture: What do the deer like?

What do the deer like?
Behaviour of red deer and reactions to us humans // Thomas Rempfler, wildlife ecologist, scientist. Employees of the Swiss National Park


07.08.2024 from 20:30 to 21:30 o'clock
Adults CHF 7.–, children CHF 3.–
Easy for return Graubünden
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No reservation necessary. Limited number of seats.
Planta-Wildenberg Castle

Like many other wild animal species, the red deer lives in a field of tension:
It satisfies its most important needs while avoiding possible dangers. Such dangers generally come from natural predators, but above all from us humans. Hunting, but also our leisure activities, play an important role in this. And what do the deer make of it? They adapt their behavior to the circumstances in their environment. For example, they shift their activity to the night or to another area that is safe and provides enough food. In his lecture, Thomas Rempfler describes exciting examples of such adaptations and emphasizes the importance of human influence on the deer. | The Schlossstall Auditorium of the Swiss National Park is located right next to the castle. 10 minutes from the train station.


Planta-Wildenberg Castle

7530 Zernez

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