Die drei Dimensionen der Nachhaltigkeit

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The word «Nustainability» has been heard more frequently recently as a growing awareness of environmental problems and social challenges has developed worldwide. Why is a sustainable lifestyle so important? There are a few reasons. Our daily decisions and actions affect the environment, society and our own well-being. A sustainable way of living and working aims to use resources and the environment in a way that ensures long-term ecological, social and economic stability. 

The three dimensions of sustainability

It is important that all three dimensions of sustainability are taken into account in sustainable destination development, as they are interlinked and influence each other. We explain what characterizes the three individual dimensions and how we take them into account in destination development.

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Protecting the environment.

Ecological sustainability

This dimension relates to the protection and conservation of natural resources and ecosystems. It includes measures to reduce environmental impacts, the preservation of biodiversity and the responsible use of energy and raw materials. Through environmentally friendly practices and the preservation of biodiversity, destinations can maintain their attractiveness for visitors.

Fully committed to sustainability

We are passionate about planning and implementing ecologically sustainable offers. In the vacation region, there are many bookable experiences in nature that have been tested for their sustainability. 

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For society.

Social sustainability

This dimension deals with the promotion of justice, equal opportunities and social well-being. It includes aspects such as fair working conditions, social integration, access to education, healthcare and poverty reduction.

Operational management

TESSVM promotes equal opportunities between the sexes, offers development opportunities and is family-friendly. A committed team and health-promoting measures characterize TESSVM as an employer. 


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For the economy.

Economic sustainability

This dimension aims to ensure long-term economic success and prosperity. It includes the promotion of economic stability, responsible entrepreneurship, fair trade and long-term value creation.

Local partnerships and investments for a sustainable future

The destination Engadn Samnaun Val Müstair always wants to make economic decisions that have both short-term and long-term positive effects. The consideration of local partners is important in order to promote the local economy and preserve the cultural identity and traditions of the region. 

Handbuch «Nachhaltigkeit in Schweizer Tourismusdestinationen»

Sustainability manual

In collaboration with the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, the TESSVM has produced a handbook entitled «Sustainability in Swiss Tourism Destinations». This provides helpful information and recommendations for destination management organizations and other interested parties on 40 criteria from the areas of economy, society, environment and management.